I Want To Know What Love Is

Around the world, people love. They sing for love, they dance for love, they compose poems and stories about love. They tell myths and legends about love. They pine for love, they live for love, they kill for love, and they die for love. Anthropologists have found evidence of romantic love in 170 societies. They’ve never found a society that did not have it.
– Helen Fisher, The Brain In Love

Based entirely on anonymously submitted stories, I Want To Know What Love Is is a theatrical work made in response to the fragments of love, yearning and heartbreak submitted by the general public via a bespoke website, wewantyourlove.com

You are invited to bear witness to the love stories of strangers – some epic, others fleeting – as we ask some hard questions about the heart: What have you done for love? Is yours the greatest love story never told? Was there ever a time when love just wasn’t enough …

Tackling assumptions of schmaltz head-on, I Want To Know What Love Is throws a spotlight on long-buried thoughts, stories, crushes and conquests as secret confessions are transformed into magnificent declarations centre stage. With unexpected depth, darkness, and rigour, I Want To Know What Love Is celebrates the ordinary made extraordinary.

Created by Lauren Clelland, Caroline Dunphy, Daniel Evans, Amy Ingram, and Kieran Swann.

“A crowdsourced letter of love and loss; 60 technicolour minutes that will have you cringing, crying and singing along.”

“You’ll be moved, and they won’t be rom-com tears.”

“Elegant, sophisticated, heartfelt, inspiring and uplifting. You don’t want to miss this.”

I Want To Know What Love Is has been presented by Brisbane Powerhouse (2015), and Queensland Theatre Company/Brisbane Festival (2014).

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