Durational performance, 6 hours.

Room 60, curated by Rebecca Cunningham.

Ruminating on Room60’s unique and improvised architecure, Scaffold was a durational performance on the task and effects of ‘bracing’. Conflating physical support structures with the human body to reinterpret the walls and ceiling of the space, disrupt its architecture, Scaffold created a makeshift inside/outside to separate the carpark surround Room 60 through industrial material and the efforts of the human body.

Foregrounding strain, tension, and focus, the performance problematises cycles of renovation, collapse, and repair in both the contemporary urban environment and in human undertakings. With the artist constructing and balancing a makeshift ceiling to split the interior of the exhibition/performance space, Scaffold up-ended the usual experience of built spaces, how they are accessed, and encounters with other bodies.